Overcome Sexual Performance Anxiety

Overcome Sexual Performance Anxiety


This recording will rewrite any subconscious associations related to performance anxiety and make you:


Product Description

Sexual performance anxiety is not uncommon to PMO addiction and Sexual Exhaustion sufferers. Excessive anxiety due to imbalanced neuroendocrine functioning transfers to sex life in the form of sexual performance anxiety.

Sexual performance anxiety can become a major issue for men without a stable relationship, who, aided by their increased excitatory sympathetic response, feel excessive pressure to perform. Additionally, the more important is a relationship deemed in one’s mind, the more anxious he will be, and less likely to perform well (if at all).

Whether you suffer from premature ejaculation, impotence or some other sexual difficulty, sexual anxiety only makes things worse.

When a sexual problem occurs more than once, part of you can begin to expect it to happen, causing a conditioning effect to occur. Then, even thinking about sex can cause an anxiety response, which inhibits your natural sex response.

Ultimately, a viscious circle is created, when worrying about your performance exacerbates the original problem, until the sexual performance anxiety becomes a problem in itself.

This recording will help you:



  • Breaking the cycle of worrying about sexual performance
  • Diminishing the heightened value of sex your subconscious mind has adopted, thus diminishing any performance anxiety
  • Separating the notion of your manhood being related to your sexual performance, which will further release any pressure
  • Very methodically, rewriting any negative subconscious associations with sex your mind may have created without you being aware of
  • Re-educating your mind to once again associate sex with the appropriate feelings and state of mind

Without hypnosis, getting over sexual performance problems can be difficult as you struggle consciously with an unconscious problem.

Gain access to Overcome Sexual Performance Anxiety for Men today and reclaim an enjoyable and satisfying sex life.

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23:57 minutes

Recorded In A Studio


Binaural Beats


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Yes (https://yourhealingmind.org/delivery-and-refunds)


  1. :

    One of the best decisions of my life to purchase all the recordings on this website. They changed my life and completely transformed the way I feel from the inside. I want to thank the creators of these masterpieces and tell them that their efforts are truly appreciated. This recording got me rid of my excessive fears of women and placed me on the spot I wanted to be, no doubt.

  2. :

    Long time sexual exhaustion sufferer. Severe anxiety and depression all my life. I failed at my first 3 attempts to have sex due to extreme performance anxiety, even had a panic attack the second time.
    The performance anxiety rec. really helped me out A LOT. I combined it with some other products like grb6-gaba and 5htp nettle and it was almost gone in about 2 months. I can’t praise you enough!!

  3. :

    The performance anxiety was killing me! Literally! All in all I’d say that this recording helped me a lot. After about 10 days of listening it 5 times a day /I may have gone a bit over the top/ I noticed I’m not so anxious around my sisters female friends.

  4. :

    Screw performance anxiety and screw all the women that made us feel that way! Go read “The Manipulated Man” and open your eyes! God bless for this recording for making my subconscious mind realize what my conscious mind always knew – that the bitches are not worth getting anxious over!!

  5. :

    numerous sexual exhaustion symptoms sufferer + injured penis. yhm helped me a lot that is undeniable. i basically used healing your penis, performance anxiety, and the concentration recording.
    definitely observed vast improvements on all 3 fronts.

  6. :

    Parted with my perf anxiety, hopefully permanently. I will listen it 10 times a day if I have to just to keep these results right now.

  7. :

    always had this trembling when i was about to have sex. i don’t know maybe it was an adrenaline rush or something i would just become to shake and most women would ask what’s wrong. i used to tell them i’m being cold lol, don’t know how many of those believed it but i was completely unable to get rid off that.

    the last time we didn’t even have sex as i was shaking more than usual and the anxiety was higher because i really liked that girl. i really, really, really liked her but couldn’t get an erection which basically ruined my life. such agony is hard to describe in words but i felt my heart being torn away every time i’d see her (we remained best friends after that incident) and she would just not look me as a man anymore. i ended up leaving the college and going back home just to get away of this nasty cituation. i then started looking for a way to deal with my performance anxiety, which by the way had become twice as big after it ruined my life, and found this recording. at first i was sceptical it could help me out but decided to give it a try. the first 10 or 15 days was nothing special but i did notice i feel kind of calmer overall, couldn’t test it on girls though. after a month of listening i hooked up with a friend of my sisters and we were kissing and stuff, there was the possibility of sex then and i noticed i didn’t feel as anxious even though we could have ended up having sex, we didn’t though but me not shaking and obsessing of the possibility of having sex was welcome. in about 2 months of listening it daily i finally ended up having sex with another of the girlfriends of my sisters (god bless my sister for hooking me up) and i didn’t shake at all! i was still a bit anxious but not at the nasty levels i had before. we have been dating for over 4 months now and i can say that my perfoemance anxiety is completely gone, i also noticed i can look girls straight in the eye now where in the past i couldn’t sometimes keep it. i do feel more dominant and not giving a fuck too. so thank you for getting me my life back.

  8. :

    Results: calmer around women, more confident around women, being present in the moment when having sex, finally enjoying sex.

  9. :

    I hear what ur saying guyz. U also missed to mention the great part where it detrains your brain from thinking that your manhood is on the line with sex. I used to freak out about that too. BUt it is right that an experienced loving woman willing to work with u and be with u will always get you hard. So it is as much if not more her fault!

  10. :

    Ok, so I’ve been listening this hypnotic session for about 45 days now and think I have a pretty good grasp on it. Firstly I’d say I find it very useful as it works on both logical and emotional level as they have written. It had an impact on my performance anxiety on day 10 but it got even better as the time passed and on day 25 I was virtually with at least seventy percent less anxious. The last thirty percent seem to be a drag to remove. At least I’m in a position where I CAN perform and do not feel all that anxious.

    It also impacted my confidence as I noticed I am being more dominant in the way I talk to women. I used to place them on piadestal even though I didn’t want to. It somehow made my subconscious mind realize what I was telling it all along.

    To finish this babble – my conclusion is that it is definitely worth paying much more, let alone thirteen bucks. Nicely done recording with results fast to come.

  11. :

    made me realize i was overvaluing sex big time. at first you are wtf this is not so but after i’ve given much thought to it i fully understood the logical arguments and wonder how could i have been so blind all along.

    don’t sweat it guys! sex is not that frightening nor that important for that matter.

  12. :

    Sheeet! Worked wonders for my perf anxiety I just had sex with my girlfriend after 2 failed attempts. I was really getting to a point of breaking up and becoming forever alone full of anxiety but thank god I decided to give hypnosis a try!!!!

  13. :

    I must agree it made me think differently about sex. There is a rather long explanation of its value being subjective to my own mind and when I thought about it they were right. I don’t know how but it seems to be inserted in my unconsciousness somehow now and I have to say I’m enjoying not being a beta anymore. Winnin’!

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