Heal your Penis

Heal your Penis


This session will bring forth your subconscious intelligence to successfully heal your penis.


Product Description

It’s well known that attitude, expectation, and visualization play a huge role in how well and fast you heal after injury.

Drug trials always containing placebos is an undeniable proof that even modern medicine is unable to isolate the healing effects of psychological attitude. How you think, feel and what you imagine will have a direct influence on how quickly and completely you heal from any injury.

Many specialists attribute this effect to improved immune response which is key to rapid healing. Others attribute it to the divine origin of the human mind, being said to be able to influence reality itself. We’ve covered all the methods in this recording, meaning it will calm your immune system down for healing, and also guide you through a detailed and lengthy healing visualization to take advantage of your divine mind.

This session will:



  • Calming nervous tension and improving parasympathetic functioning for strengthened immune system
  • Awakening your all-knowing subconscious intelligence and using its aid to restore your tissues
  • Utilizing guided imagery to expel any dark astral energy around the injured tissues and replace it with healing restorative light
  • Utilizing guided imagery to oversee the whole biological process of restoration in details

Additional Information


29:27 minutes

Recorded In A Studio


Binaural Beats


Money Back Guarantee

Yes (https://yourhealingmind.org/delivery-and-refunds)


  1. :

    This is amazing stuff! I feel the same burning healing sensation using this that I feel when I apply the SR cream. Really feel fortunate to be able to access my subconscious intelligence for healing thanks to this recording

  2. :

    Healed my penis nicely and gained much needed confidence in bed. Everything worked out nicely for me and still using all of the guided imagery and meditative recordings today.

  3. :

    My penis is almost healed in just 1 week of listening to the healing visualization. I never actually believed in this stuff but decided to try for the lolz, how wrong was I!
    Veins – smaller.
    Bruising – gone.
    Erection power – better. (improved at 50%+).
    Testicles – normal size (finally).
    To be fair, I’ve been using some vitamin E cream too, but I used it before the guided meditation and didn’t see any results then.

  4. :

    Really makes my penis feel elastic and removed my “hard flaccid” condition on day 3. Amazing feat no doubt. What I notice is that if I skip like 2 days the condition returns. So it seems the effect is still not permanent. I’d advise consistency.
    Take care.

  5. :

    All I can say is that the penis recording works. Helped me shrink my veins to normal size while jelqing related bruisings, that usually take me 2 or 3 weeks to heal, healed in just 1 week.

    You can really feel the healing effect even after the first meditative session. Highly recommend.

  6. :

    numerous sexual exhaustion symptoms sufferer + injured penis. yhm helped me a lot that is undeniable. i basically used healing your penis, performance anxiety, and the concentration recording.
    definitely observed vast improvements on all 3 fronts.

  7. :

    I have had my problem for a long time. I’ve written in numerous forums with little success in dealing with it. Basically I had some of the symptoms of sexual exhaustion but the thing that was bothering me was my penis. And to be more precise it seemed that I am suffering of what I found in this site to be described as “abrasive ejaculation” of some kind.

    My symptoms were three. Constrictive pain in PC muscles, abdominal pain for about 5 seconds during high arousal, and prostatic – PC muscles – urethral pain on ejaculation. It was as if the tissues of my penis and seminal vesicles + prostate had lost their elasticity so the sperm was hitting against them. It was painful and i felt tissue inflammation and abrasion afterwards. I could also see redness in my urethra where the pain was.

    So as you can imagine it was affecting me deeply.

    I basically tried all of the hypnotic sessions here and found them very convenient. Here is what I noticed in percentages as I’ve seen some ppl describe them that way and thought it is just more convenient and easier to grasp. After going through the healing sessions for exactly 27 days:

    – Pain in PC muscles – down with 90%
    – Pain in urethra after ejaculation – down with 50%
    – Feeling of inflammation in penis – down with 70%
    – Redness in urethra – down with 70%

    All in all astounding recovery using only this recording and natural oils.

  8. :

    I tried to make it work for a left ligament injury. Naturally it is part of the penis so I tweak the visualisation sessions just very slightly in my head to concentrate on the ligaments at the base. Luckyly it seems it is probably just sprained and is getting back to normal. I don’t know if it is this product or not but in all fairness and objectivity I use it and I feel the ligaments are tighter and healtier.

  9. :

    I use it to avoid injuries from my heavy jelqing – stretching routines. So far so good, it seems to be growing even faster and in great health.

  10. :

    Works well with the revitalization session.I feel bursts of energy in my whole body and penis.Just woke up with a 120% wood – something far away even from my wildest dreams.
    The hourglass shape in during mid erection is notably better after about a month of listening both the revitalization and this session daily.I started seeing improvements in maybe 10 days or something like that.

  11. :

    Stuff did it was supposed to. Thanks.

  12. :

    maybe a bit off topic but about a month days ago I experienced rashes on my body and penis, followed by ulcers. i had taken 3 arcoxia anti-inflammatory pills the same day so my gp said it was a pharmaceutical rash. well it was really embarassing to show my penis and stuff but the worst part was that it didn’t go away!! even after 10 days on taking medrol (methylprednisolone). the rash slowly became wounds and i could barely touch my penis. this was really alarming and thank god i found this right here before taking serious nerve/tissue/vein damage.i strongly believe this recording here saved my penis and life.it literally removed half of the rash the first 5 days i listened it, after having it for like 2 weeks with no improvements and heavy meds.

    long story short – the rash was completely gone from my penis in another 2 weeks of listening. and here is the kicker – the rashes on my belly and legs are still there!!only the penis is healed after listening to this!it is a proof that it is what worked.

  13. :

    Long time penis varicose veins sufferer here. I have 2 big on my left and central side. I think one is the dorsal vein because I would lose erection and sensitivity when standing up.

    As some the the guys here already mentioned you can feel the healing inside and the mind seems to be a very powerful tool because the veins did shrink about 50% in just 2 weeks. The sensitivity and ED did not improve on 50% but I’d give them a solid 25-30% which is huge for me.

    The session really helped me out. I hope I’ve been helpful to you mates. Keep up the faith!

  14. :

    I love the part where you leave your subconscious intelligence decide what to repair and later focus its attention in more detail. I’ve always thought my unconsciousness knows way more about my body than me… I mean think about it guys. Do you tell your blood to replicate, or your tissues to repair themselves? No. Your primal subconsciousness takes care of all the commands. I liked how it was addressed here – really smart ().

  15. :

    working as intended. the fucking varicose vein is much smaller and i every time i use the session i literally feel a burning healing inside.

  16. :

    After a day of great sex I went to take a shower and saw that one part of the skin covering my penis is blue as well as some popped capillaries around the glans and some 1 inch round bruise in mid shaft. Honestly I freaked out a lot. I don’t know what caused them but I ordered the SR-Cream and started using this recording. The effects were amazing and I got a lot better even before the cream arrived. Thankfully it didn’t become Peyronies!

  17. :

    Worked quite nicely. The healing visualisations were very detailed and you can really feel your penis healing.
    I personally used it for about 15 days and my bruising went away in 10 days after being present for at least a month.

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