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We have a team of two highly skilled hypnotherapists who have agreed to give special attention to numerous modern related conditions (sexual exhaustion, PMO addiction, penile injuries, and other reproductive system related issues) and be of assistance with their experience and knowledge.

As you may have noticed yourself, the true potential of the human mind is immense. It has been shown to be capable of incredible things, from healing diseases and conditions, to shaping reality itself. Yet, the potential can only be fully realized through careful guidance, meditation, and concentration.

We are more than convinced you’ll find that each session is made in a spirit of utmost professionalism, and is designed to deal with the exact issues we’re facing today. Experience it, and you will find that improvements in your life will soon follow.


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Take advantage of our real life connections with experienced hypnotherapists and meditation / guided visualization specialists. We’ve done our absolute best to be of assistance and really help people out.

We understand that recording quality is a major factor in influencing our subconscious mind. That’s why we’ve taken the time and resources and recorded all the sessions in a sound recording studio. We’ve also hired a professional sound mastering specialist for that additional professional touch, sound fluidity, binaural beats integration, and that additional db individual sound channel optimization. It really doesn’t get better any better than this.

During our search for professionals to help out with the issue of PMO Addiction / Sexual Exhaustion, we were very particular in our expectations and dedication to experience. The hypnotherapy / meditation / guided visualization specialists we eventually approached had a proven track record of over 2,500 (now over 3000+)  patients treated in personal 1:1 therapy. These are specialists that do know what they are doing and have been gracious enough help out with our cause.

Binaural Beats

Naturally, we’ve made sure we’re utilizing all the latest, safest, and most advanced hypnotherapy techniques available.

Strict Ethical Guidelines

Our team follows strict ethical guidelines to ensure that every program meets the highest professional standards.

Money Back Guarantee

Without a second thought, we are offering a 100% money back guarantee, as we’re convinced in the quality of our work.

Meditation Ready

The background music, aside from being binaural in nature, is very relaxing and thematically crafted for each session, making any attempt to get to a deep relaxed meditative state easily achievable.

Guided Imagery Ready

Guided imagery as a method has proven to be extremely effective in healing a vast array of conditions. Each of our sessions takes full advantage of its proven efficacy.

Positive Affirmations Ready

Positive affirmations are extremely useful in regards to altering internal limiting subconscious beliefs. We take full advantage of the power of carefully crafted positive affirmations by systematically using such in a thought out manner.

Content Updates

We care so deeply about our work that we will go back and update actual sessions if we feel there’s something of value we can add. We’ve been doing it on a regular basis for months, recording content updates along with the new projects.

Stream DB Monitoring

We’ve gone one step further and ensured each sound channel in the recording is polished and has a thought out DB value. This definitely leads to heightened quality and improved healing.

Broad Range

It’s been shown that some people respond better to guided imagery, while others to logical arguments. Whatever the case, we’ve broadened the range by carefully combining numerous methods and appealing on every level of consciousness and subconsciousness.

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Making It The Most Trusted, Complete & Effective PMO Addiction / Sexual Exhaustion Holistic Solution To Date

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People do know best. We’d like to thank each and every one for taking the time to review the sessions and give us their honest opinion. The presented reviews are taken directly from product pages and can be found there as well.
Always had difficulties to stop masturbation as long as I can remember. I’ve tried and failed countless times and still find it difficult to go over 20 days..and it is this session that helped me do it.

Percentage-wise I’d say it increased my effectiveness by 100% at least with going from my personal record of 10 days to 20 days. Nice stuff overall and I feel it’s helping me more and more too. I hope I will break the 1 month mark one of these months.

I love the part where you leave your subconscious intelligence decide what to repair and later focus its attention in more detail. I’ve always thought my unconsciousness knows way more about my body than me… I mean think about it guys. Do you tell your blood to replicate, or your tissues to repair themselves? No. Your primal subconsciousness takes care of all the commands. I liked how it was addressed here – really smart ().
Romain J.
The “PMO Guilt Release”, “Revitalization – Sexual Exhaustion in Your Past” and “Reinvent Yourself” is my favourite combo. I listen to them all in that order every day and have made some huge steps in improving my life. From an introverted loner full of anxiety to a confident almost alpha male in just 4 months is nothing short of amazing as far as I’m concerned. Worth every penny, honestly I would have given 10000x more if I knew this would be the effect.
Bennett G.
Top notch work!! I wouldn’t be able to express the exact degree of guilt interferance with my life but it was quite severe and only got stronger as I got older because I would think “You have done nothing worthwhile with your life and you are 37 ffs!!”. You can imagine the degree of guilt I would feel for throwing away my seed while being unsuccessful and having nothing to brag about in my life. It was eating my alive almost literally.

The session still can’t fully release me of my guilt even after months of use but I dare say I feel better and that’s giving me hope for the future.

Roberto T.
The logical poison part is what did it for me. I’ve always been more logical in my mind than emotional and I was glad to see both methods included as complementary to eachother in a single recording.

There some recordings from other sites that I’ve tried, just a few, but almost all had JUST the emotional visualisation part in without appealing to the logic. I read that the people with predominantly logical part in their brain are less than the other type and it is maybe why we are overlooked but I’m glad it wasn’t the case with this recording here. It worrked for me nicely – thanks!


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